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The Educator's Voice

Membership Growth for 2009-2010

 I want to thank everyone for thier continued support of their local Union. This school year our membership growth was 331 new members. The Spring Membership Drive is going strong, with almost all campuses being visited by Mr. JJ Luna, Staff Rep., so far 92 new members have signed up for next school year. Our "Free til Fall Campaign" is only for new members. You can join right now and your first deduction will not be untill September 25, 2010. Visit our web site at www.tx.aft./lajoya and you can join online. You can also email me at

La Joya ISD Budget Work Sessions

First budget work session had been set for Wednesday, May 19th, but due to lack of quorum meeting was cancelled. Will keep you posted as to when the next sessions will be. During these sessions talk of raise's will be discussed. Just got word that the next work session will be on June 8th at 5:00 pm. See you there.

I would like to wish everyone a great summer. Take-Care!